Experience Index

The Customer Experience Index is a single metric used to measure the experience customers are having with our services. The metric is the Net Promoter Score® that was developed by Satmetrix, Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld. It establishes a simple actionable feedback and measurement system so that our organization will continually improve the customer experience while earning loyalty with our services.

The Customer Experience Index, asks three questions to both providers and facility contacts that we work with. The first question asks, “Based on your most recent experience, how likely is it that you would recommend The Delta Companies to a friend or colleague?” and the rating is indicated on an 11-point scale from “0-Not at all likely” to “10-Extremely likely.” The second question is “What is the primary reason behind the rating you provided?” and an open text box is provided for comments. The final question is “What is one thing we could be doing differently to increase the value of our services to you?”

Based on the rating a metric is established for the customer’s experience with both the candidate and the facility contact. In addition to the metric, the comments provided from the survey are also utilized to better understand where operational adjustments can be made to enhance the customer experience across all service lines. The Customer Experience Index surveys are conducted four times a year and are performed by a third party, Inavero. From the information collected, analysis is done, action plans are built and the entire organization is accountable for the execution of the plans.

As a reflection of the execution of plans and the experience we provide, The Delta Companies has services ranked Best of Staffing Client and Best of Staffing Talent.